​When facing crossroads in my life, I kept asking myself:


Shall I go on or stand still? I tried both.

Standing still I got stuck, walking further I got lost.

It took a while, then I sensed it, my intuition started gently to talk to me. This voice was so quiet, that I had to bend forward to hear it. It guided me to a piece of white paper. In the beginning, the paper only wanted colours – it appeared as chaos. It startled me. Something wanted to get out. It was as if the feelings which had been buried  for years, wanted to come alive. I offered them with the help of painting and drawing a room to express themselves. Something in me started to breathe, to move, and to lighten up.

At one point the paintbrush was put aside and replaced by a marker. A Line was born, who asked to be seen; slender, flowing and expanding.

Personal Experience

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