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The Life  of  a Line  ©AC

Foto  al Juni 2020.JPG

A life of constant moving and changing



1980    Graduation "Medical Assistant DVSA"

1994      Graduation "Commercial employee"

2006  Graduation "Drawing Therapist IAC"

2013    Certificate as a red cross nursing assistant SRK


Here's my story:

I  was born 1960 in Argentina, this Gaucho country of wide open landscapes. At night , one could hear in the streets the music of Tango. In 1967 my Dutch family

goes by boat back to Europe. There we settle near the mountains.

Years of building new roots and eating chocolate followed. Family peace was rocked. Some members took off.  What a shock. I decided to leave the family nest confident that I could do it alone. A rainbow of friends for life appear on the horizon.

The gift of making art awakened in me  amidst dark times. A felt pen finds its home in my bag as did some blank pages to fill with forms and lines.

My parents died. My mother, nearly blind and very sick, chose one day to swallow the enchanted liquid. In a second she was gone. My father passed away brave, alone, the curtains in his room softly dancing. He could finally sail home.

During those years, ever curious, I kept exploring different fields of work. New people appeared, challenges that I would not have wanted to miss presented themselves. After 20 years living near the forest, I moved close to a green blue lake. It took time to adjust.

In my free time, family boxes were opened. Stories haunted my sleep.

2022 Ten days of Covid forced me to stay in quarantine, invite me to produce more art. This challenging time taught me that we all have a right to be human, to feel,  That we need each other. We don’t have to do it alone.

Today, my Fine Art is my mate and I love to give out of Grace.


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