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A precious line touches a walking by soul ©AC 

As a person with Dutch roots, I like to travel, talk, and to start conversations with strangers. They tell me about their life and where they live. This has often opened doors for me to find new places to exhibit. 

First I had solo, then joint exhibits in my countryside studio. Later, I showed my art in community centers, galleries, a factory, a railroad house, the staircase of a printing company, two churches, and a nursing home.

During these years I learned to decorate, to produce, to share, to advertise, to organize exhibitions and to market and sell my art to a wide variety of people.

I have something to offer. Life provides me the time when I open up to receive the inspiration to create.​

 Next Exhibitio
n ... to be revealed ... 

 My Exhibitions so far: 

  • 2022: Tertianum Residenz Segeten, Witikon Zürich

  •  2021: Obere Mühle, Dübendorf, "Künstler Trio"
    (with Nelli Textor and Helga  Rosenberg)

  • 2020: Kirche St. Katharina von Siena, Fällanden, Group Exhibition

  • 2019: Fotostudio Tres Camenzind, Zürich (with Tania Maria
    Camenzind, Manfred Ziegele and Tres Camenzind)

  • 2019: Kulturraum Jung Rhy in Altstätten, St. Gallen
    (with Magdalena Sutter, Gerhard Zwahlen and
    Manfred Ziegele)

  • 2018: Vielfältig-produzentengalerie
    Gastgeber: Galerie 111 in Zürich

  • 2018: Erlengut in Erlenbach

  • 2018: Obere Mühle in Dübendorf
    "Musik, Musik, Musik"

  • 2018: Kunst in der Zwicky in Fällanden 

  • 2018: Stellwerk in Heerbrugg
    (with Ruth Gmünder)

  • 2017: Obere Mühle in Dübendorf

  • 2017: Galerie im Höchhuus in Küsnacht

  • 2017: GZ Witikon in Zürich

  • 2016: In ehemaligem Druckereigebäude in Zürich
    (with Magdalena Sutter)

  • 2015 – 2016: Mundamus,
    Gesundheits-Zentrum in Hinwil

  • 2014: Kunst in der Zwicky in Fällanden

  • 2013: AWC Zürich, "Christmas Market"

  • 2012: Galerie Tenne in  Zürich-Schwamendingen
    (with Bea Van Reijn)

  • 2011: Raum für Soziokultur in Bern,
    "Sichtbare Liebe"

  • 2010: Kunst in der Zwicky in Fällanden

  • 2010: Quartiertreff Hirslanden in Zürich,
    "Kunst im Quartier"

  • 2009: Atelier Pinsel in Pfaffhausen,
    "Skurrile Krabbel- und Fliegewesen"
    (with Barbara Wirth)

  • 2009: GZ Riesbach in Zürich, Frauenaustellung

  • 2007: Quartiertreff Hirslanden  in Zürich
    "Kunst im Quartier"

  • 2007: Atelier Pinse in Pfaffhausen,
    "Innere Welten und ihre Bewohner"    
    (with Barbara Wirth)

Witikon Flyer Kunstsommer 2022.jpg
Einladung Ausstellung 2021 OM.jpg
Ausstellung Weihnachten 2020.jpg
Austellung Zwicky 2018.jpg
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