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If somewhere a line stops, somewhere else one starts 

Playing outside as a child was one of my greatest pleasures. I loved to oberserve the different animals when visiting a local Zoo and follow their body curves with lines. Later as an adult I would scribble fantasy figures on the back of notepads when there was downtime at my job as a telephone operator.

When I was 30 I started to paint more often in my spare time. While traveling I drew objects, people and landscapes. At home I had a 2 meter high painting board attached to the kitchen wall. I had fixed on it a large white paper.

My initial improvisations showed chaos. What I saw before me frightened me. It was rediscovering my feelings that had been buried in me for years. With drawing and painting I offered them a space to express themselves. Finally, something began to breathe, to move, to relax in me, this inner fog dissolved, my view became clearer.

After a couple of months I put the paintbrush aside. I wanted to express myself differently and the previous papers felt too big. Now picking up a black felt tip pen, I chose to express myself in a smaller format.

Again a white paper staring at me!  I looked for the center, set a point. A line emerged, it is narrow, flowing, expanding. Sometimes a second line would appear. They would meet, separate, sometimes come back or search for the width.

During this time I attended art courses in the Rote Fabrik in Zurich. With Sirpa Suhner I got to know "anthroposophic painting with watercolors".

During my training as a painting therapist, we students immersed ourselves in the world of colors, forms and feelings. We tried things out, always had new tasks to solve, opened our hearts and left behind unusual colorful pictures on the painting walls. In the first year we were supposed to do something creative every day, I decided to continue experimenting with lines.

In 2005 I opened my own painting studio, where young and old visited me. Some of them later became artists themselves, others processed so their biographies, others sought comfort in drawing and painting when serious illnesses afflicted them, still others came here for fun, to be themselves and occasionally to dismantle the prejudice "you cant paint or I can't paint".  Yes, it takes courage to try something new. I observed with joy many young and older people walking out of the studio with a smile after one or two hours painting.

2007 First exhibition.

2011 6-month internship in the art therapy department of the SPZ in Nottwil. Here I experienced first-hand how healing and supportive the tool of painting can be for people who are limited in their movements.

From 2013 to 2018 I looked after visually impaired senior citizens in a home. The theme of light and shadow was always present. Through my eyes, people experienced what they could not see themselves, and I experienced with them the fine nuances of seeing and not seeing.

2018 brought a turning point. Colors found their place in my linear drawings.

2019 was marked by internal and external changes, To distract myself I observed the various birds in my garden. I wondered where they came from and where they were going. Their sound touched my soul.

In 2020 we have all been subject to the restrictions of a global pandemic. I combat the isolation juggling  with my felt pens and the brush. Comparable to humans, plants and animals, there are colors in art that like each other and others that do not get along. The variety of nuances is displayed each time I paint with a whole range of different colors.

In 2021 I discover the joy of photography. A short moment is captured. A voice calls "Look" I follow and let myself be surprised. What a gift that I want to share.

The day before yesterday, another impulse to start painting again with acrylics. I follow my intuition, movement appears on the page. An intense flow.

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