1960, born in Buenos Aires
1967, a boat took our family to Europe. Today we

live in Switzerland.

I was trained in 1980 as a medical help at the

Minerva School in Zürich. Then I worked in an

office. I started drawing on my days off. For this

I used a drawing panel, which I had fixed on one

of the kitchen walls. While traveling, I drew. I took drawing lessons in the Red Factory in Zürich

and with Sirpa Sunner I discovered drawing with watercolours.

From 2004 to 2007  I visited the IAC in Zürich ( were I learned to work as a drawing therapist. Here as students we faced the world of feelings, forms and colours. We opened our hearts, and left school in the evening, the class filled with by us coloured pictures on the walls. 

In the first year of school, we got a daily assignment to do something creative. I experimented with lines.

Soon I had my own art studio, where both  young and old came to visit me. During that time, I supervised for two years, old people from a retirement home nearby, in discovering the world of colours and lines.​

In 2007, I exhibited for the first time. In 2011, I was given the opportunity to draw, as part of my training, with paraplegics at the Nottwil Center near Lucerne. There I experienced how healing drawing can be for people who have been emotionally traumatized by accidents or sicknesses that made them unable to move and are bound to a wheelchair for the rest of

their lives. I felt hope coming back and saw muscles that started to move again.

From 2013 to 2018, I earned my living by taking

care of nearly blind old people. The topic of light and shadows were my daily companions. This work made me more sensitive to how important lightness and contrasts are for these people. These inhabitants learned to see through my eyes, what they could not

see themselves anymore. I was granted the experience of living the thin nuances between the person who

sees and the person who does not see anymore.

2019 was a year of inner and outer changes for me. The topic of birds was often in my thoughts.  I love to watch them, hear their sound and wonder where they go and come from.

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